Clint Eastwood Gives Trump A Major Boost

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For the last few days, we have been reporting on the controversy surrounding comments Donald Trump made about Mexico during his campaign announcement.

During his speech, the legendary businessman complained about the many criminals that are sneaking into the U.S. from Mexico, calling many of them “rapists.” Outraged, the Spanish-language television channel Univision announced that they would be boycotting Trump by refusing to broadcast his Miss Universe Pageant.

NBC quickly followed suit by ending their relationship with Trump on Monday. Days later, Macy’s also announced that they would be cutting ties with Trump after more than a decade of working with him.

Since the comments, Trump has become something of a pariah, as many people and organizations are too afraid to associate with him due to fear of liberal backlash.

Clint Eastwood, however, is not the type to backdown to liberals.

According to New York Daily News, Trump will be speaking at a Clint Eastwood event this weekend.

“I will be in California this weekend making a speech for Clint Eastwood,” Trump tweeted on Wednesday. “Then to Arizona and Vegas. Big crowds. Discussing illegals & more!”


A Trump spokesman declined to give details of the event, only saying that it is, “private.”

After the announcement was made, Twitter and social media exploded with surprise that Trump and Eastwood have aligned themselves.

“Donald Trump is going to campaign with Clint Eastwood. I wonder which one gets to sit in the chair?” tweeted @Uncucumbered, referencing Eastwood 2012 speech to an empty chair at the Republican National Convention.

Others, however, were excited by the news.

“You’ll be rubbing elbows with a real patriot, Mr. Trump. Many Americans respect what Clint Eastwood has to say,” tweeted @futureicon.

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