Vet Puts Flags Everywhere. His Neighbors Wanted To Call 911, But Then This Happened

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Frank Medlen Jr. is a combat veteran of the Iraq war who has turned his yard in Vincennes, Indiana into a patriotic display that honors the American soldiers we have lost in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to American Overlook, Medlen and some other volunteers planted over 6,800 flags on his yard. He later told reporters that this was done solely to honor the American soldiers who have lost their lives during our recent conflict in the Middle East.

Some of the flags have names of soldiers who have died on them, others simply represent the deceased soldiers in general.

After finishing the display, Medlen encouraged the people of Indiana to come see it for themselves and pay their respects to the soldiers who have fought and died for our freedom. Though liberals have of course complained about the display, many have celebrated it as a beautiful way to honor fallen members of the military.

The display was up through the fourth of July weekend, and it was still going strong on Sunday.

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