Former FBI Agent Investigates ‘Massive’ Sandy Hook Cover Up

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A former FBI agent is currently investigating what he believes is a massive coverup in the Sandy Hook massacre.

The Sandy Hook shooting occurred on December 14, 2012 when 20 1st grade students and six teachers were murdered at the town’s elementary school by a lone shooter, who then turned his gun on himself. Since then, the massacre has been used by anti-gun activists as an excuse to push for gun bans.

While the shooting was definitely tragic, a number of inconsistencies with the story have caused many to question whether the whole thing might have been a government conspiracy, or even a hoax. For example, an FBI report after the massacre explicitly stated that nobody was murdered at Sandy Hook in 2012. Also, news reports stated that the same person died in the Sandy Hook shooting and in the Boston bombing months later.

Now, a former FBI agent who is the uncle of Infowars news director Rob Dew, is investigating a major coverup in the Sandy Hook case. The agent spent his career investigating the mafia, but now he has shifted his focus to Sandy Hook after attending the FOIA hearings and noticing a number of inconsistencies in the story of the shooting.

In an interview, the agent described the proceedings as “very strange,” adding that he’d “never seen anything like this before.”

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