Eric Holder Gets Disturbing New Job

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Conservatives everywhere rejoiced last year when notorious Obama-minion Eric Holder announced he was leaving his position as Attorney General. However, Republicans realized they may have celebrated too soon when Holder announced his new job this week.

According to Conservative Tribune, Holder will be returning to the job he had at a private law firm before he was tapped by Obama. The law firm Covington & Burling announced that Holder would be rejoining them this week.

Holder was a partner at the firm from 2001-2009, when he became Attorney General after his friend made it to the White House. Covington & Burling announced that Holder will be assigned to their D.C. office, and that he will be focusing on “complex cases.” Reuters reported that this would include “matters that are international in scope and raise significant regulatory enforcement issues.”

“International” is likely code for defending terrorists detained at Guantanamo Bay, something both Holder and his firm have done in the past. “Regulatory enforcement” probably refers to lobbying for the Environmental Protection Agency as well as other government agencies that enforce ridiculous rules and regulations.

All of us who thought Holder would just go away were clearly wrong: this guy is not going anywhere. He clearly has no intention of leaving until he has completely ruined America, and he can arguably do more damage at this law firm than he did as Attorney General.

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