NFL Star Comes Out, But Not In The Way You’re Thinking

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Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks who has become famous for his strong Christian values, has been dating the ultra-sexy pop star Ciara since April. On Tuesday, however, Wilson came forward with an admission that left many of his fans stunned.

According to Daily Mail, the 26 year-old NFL star said that he and Ciara have decided to do things “Jesus’ way” by saving sex for when they get married.

“She was on tour and I was looking at her in the mirror, and she was sitting there. And God spoke to me and said ‘I need you to lead her,'” Wilson said during an appearance at The Rock Church in San Diego. “And I was like, ‘Really? Right now?’ And he goes, ‘No, I want you and need you to lead her.’ And I asked her, ‘What would you do if we took all that extra stuff off the table?'”

The football player explained that the “extra stuff” was sex.


“If you can really love someone without that then you can really love somebody,” Wilson continued, joking that he’d need lots of prayers from the faithful to hold strong in his plan.

Wilson told the church that Ciara, a 29 year-old mother of a one year-old son, is also “a believer and follower” of Jesus, and that she agreed to his plan to abstain from sex.

Wilson’s first marriage to his high school sweetheart ended in divorce last year, and he explained that the fact that both he and Ciara have experienced heartbreak has brought them closer together.

“For me, I knew that God had brought me in her life to bless her and for her to bless me,” he said. “We’re not going to be perfect, by any means. But he’s anointed both of us and he’s calling for us to do something special.”


We wish Wilson and Ciara the best of luck, and we’ll be sure to keep them both in our prayers!

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