NASCAR Fans Just Took A Major Stand For The Confederate Flag

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Since the Charleston shooting last month, liberals have been on a mission to get the Confederate flag banned from as many places as they can.

Nevermind the fact that the Confederate flag had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting; a little fact like this means nothing to idiot liberals! They just want action of any kind, whether it’s actually relevant to the shooting or not.

Last weekend, NASCAR had their first race in the South since the organization urged their fans not to display the Confederate flag. Unfortunately for them, many of the fans weren’t having any of it.

“It kills me that NASCAR is jumping on the bandwagon,” said 55-year-old NASCAR fan Paul Stevens. “They should just let it pass, let everything die down. But NASCAR is too quick to try to be politically correct like everybody else.”


According to The Blaze, Daytona and 29 other speedways stopped short of banning the flags completely, but asked their fans to refrain from flying the Confederate flag. They even set up a booth at the speedway to exchange Confederate flags for American flags.

“I think the voluntary exchange program for us right now was appropriate with the limited window that we had coming into this event weekend,” track president Joie Chitwood said. “And more importantly, I think it’s important to trust our fans, asking our fans to display a flag that we should all be proud of. Everybody should be proud of the American flag.”

The American flag was definitely displayed far more prominently among the NASCAR fans than the Confederate flag was. However, some fans explained that the Confederate flag is a simple of Southern patriotism to them.

“It’s just a Southern pride thing,” 66-year-old Larry Reeves explained. “It’s nothing racist or anything. I’ve been doing this for 30 years. My family is from Alabama and we’ve been going to Talladega forever. It isn’t a Confederate thing so much as it is a NASCAR thing. That’s why I fly it.”

“It’s not a big deal one way or the other,” Reeves continued. “If I can’t fly it, I won’t. But if I don’t have to take it down, I’m just going to leave it up.”

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Reeves wasn’t the only fan to explain that the Confederate flag isn’t about racism at all.

“The Confederate flag has absolutely nothing to do with slavery. It has nothing to do with divisiveness. It has nothing to do with any of that,” said NASCAR fan Steven Rebenstorf.  “It was just a battle banner until the Ku Klux Klan draped it around themselves. Now, all of a sudden, it represents slavery and that’s not at all true.”

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