WARNING: Obama’s New Executive Order Could Start A New Recession

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Obama has just issued a new executive order in which he has called for millions of Americans to be eligible for overtime pay.

While this may sound nice to some, it is actually anything but. In fact, experts say this order may just send us into a new recession.

β€œIn the past, workers in management positions were exempt from overtime pay rules as long as they made about $11.38 an hour,” read a report obtained by Conservative Tribune. “New rules will require anyone making less than $24.25 (be) eligible for overtime.”

Unfortunately, most businesses operates on tight budgets, so they can’t afford to pay this much in overtime. This means that many American workers will be fired, and the ones who keep their jobs will be forced into strict hourly schedules.

Obama doesn’t need to worry about the backlash from his new order, however, because it is not set to take effect until he leaves office in 2016. This means he won’t have to deal with the mess that is sure to follow it.

Liberals insist that this order will make everyone “equal,” and we’ve got to say they are right: everyone will be equally miserable and unemployed as soon as this goes into effect.

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