Veterans Confront Protesters Burning American Flag – Chase Them Away

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Yesterday, we reported that the liberal activist group “Disarm NYPD” was planning to hold a protest Wednesday night in which they publicly burned American flags in a park.

Unfortunately for them, the event didn’t go so well…

The protesters proudly announced their plans to burn American flags in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn earlier this week, so when they arrived last night, a group of patriotic Americans were ready for them. According to Infowars, when the protesters tried to burn a flag, they were immediately confronted by a group of veterans, and a brawl broke out.

“I’m here to make sure there’s a flag still standing at the end of the day,” 13-year Army vet Mark Brummitt told the New York Daily News. “All throughout history it’s been the last flag on the battlefield that was still standing. Tonight we’re going to make sure there’s a flag standing.”

The protesters were able to burn a Confederate flag, but as soon as they tried to light the American flag on fire, they were chased away terrified by the veterans.

“Don’t f— with my flag!” one man shouted to the anti-flaggers. “My brothers are buried under this flag! It doesn’t matter what it means to you! If you got a problem with this flag, get the f— out!”

Footage shows the veterans drowning out a “Black Lives Matter” chant by screaming “USA! USA!”

“They’re not critically thinking about what that flag represents! It represents genocide, imperialism, and oppression!” whined anti-flag protester Amanda Meltzer after her event was ruined.

“I wasn’t coming out here to chase anybody,” flag-supporter Lawrence Winberry commented. “I guess we got caught up in the moment. They have a right to burn the flag, but I have a right to say I don’t like it.”

If these protesters want to burn an American flag, they might want to be more sneaky about it next time…

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