Police Issue Warning About This Dangerous New ‘Gun’

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Police have issued a warning to anyone who is carrying around this “clever” new “gun.”

According to Mad World News, this handgun contraption is actually just a smartphone case. However, cops say it looks so realistic that they fear people may get hurt with it.

“You pull this thing out on a cop, they’re going to shoot you,” said former NYPD Officer Joseph Giacalone. “I mean, it’s as simple as that.”

Giacalone’s point is that if an officer sees you walking around with this, they probably won’t stop to ask if it’s a gun: they’ll just shoot. Local activist Tony Herbert agreed that people may be unknowingly putting themselves in danger when they buy the case.

“It’s not a joke. This item is being sold in our communities, we’re now researching exactly where,” Herbert said.

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Giacalone reiterated that people just need to use common sense when they consider whether or not to buy this case.

“There’s no law per se, but you have to use the law of common sense, which I’ve learned in my lifetime isn’t very common,” Giacalone said, adding that officers only have a split-second to make a decision when they see someone with a weapon.

“Sometimes mistakes happen,” he continued. “They’re only human.”

Adding to police concerns is that criminals in New York City have started trying to make real guns look like toys. The NYPD recently had to issue a warning after a thug was caught with a gun that was disguised as a water gun.

“Bad guys disguise these guns, they paint them orange, they put the tips on them to try to trick law enforcement,” Giacalone concluded.

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