Oklahoma Supreme Court Deals Major Blow To Ten Commandments

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The Oklahoma Supreme Court has just ruled that the six-foot-tall monument dedicated to the Ten Commandments that stands in front of their capital building “shall be removed” because it violates their state constitution.

According to Conservative Tribune, the monument was privately funded in 2012, but the state’s Supreme Court just ruled that both the monument and it’s message were “obviously religious in nature and are an integral part of the Jewish and Christian faiths.”

The decision to remove the monument was made by a vote of 7-2, and it overturned a previous decision.

Since it was erected in 2012, other religious groups have petitioned the state to put up monuments of their own. One of these potential monuments depicted Satan as Baphomet, a seven-foot tall figure with a goat head, wings and a beard.

Despite this, the Ten Commandments monument was defended by Attorney General Scott Pruitt, who argued that it’s historical significance is important to the state.


“Quite simply, the Oklahoma Supreme Court got it wrong. The court completely ignored the profound historical impact of the Ten Commandments on the foundation of Western law,” Pruitt said in a statement after the ruling.

Rep. Mike Ritze had provided the $10,000 funding needed to create the monument, which was smashed to pieces in October when a mentally deranged man crashed into it with his car. It was rebuilt in January.

After the decision, Pruitt released a statement saying that his office would immediately call for a rehearing, saying, “In response, my office will file a petition with the court for a rehearing in light of the broader implications of this ruling on other areas of state law.”

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