Muslim Inmates Ask For Special ‘Muslim Food’ During Ramadan – Jail Gives Them BIG Wakeup Call

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When some Muslim inmates at a Miami jail asked for special “Muslim food” for Ramadan, they had no idea that they were in for a huge wakeup call.

Seventeen Muslim inmates at jails in Miami-Dade County, Florida recently teamed up with he Council on American-Islamic Relations in Florida and the American Civil Liberties Union to file complaints against their county for not providing halal food for Ramadan. Ramadan is the holiest Muslim holiday, and it involves fasting from sunrise to sunset. It began on June 17, and it runs until mid-July.

“They’re conflicted with, ‘Should I practice my religion, something I sincerely believe and it’s a part of me, or do I starve?’” spokesperson Thania Diaz-Clevenger of CAIR-Florida, according to Conservative Tribune.

Halal food is difficult to make, as the Quran requires it to be prepared in a very specific way. However, county officials say that the jails are already serving halal meals. In fact, theMiami-Dade County Rehabilitation Department employs their own Imam, who “found the alternative meal currently offered to the Muslim inmates to be in accordance with Muslim principles.”

Clearly, these Muslim inmates have already been receiving special treatment, but this isn’t good enough for them. Either that, or they aren’t quite sure what “halal food” really means.

Either way, these Muslim inmates need to sit down and shut up. If they can’t do the time, they shouldn’t have done the crime!

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