Tragedy Engulfs Ted Cruz’s Family – Please Pray

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Senator Ted Cruz is one of the top presidential candidates on the GOP side for the 2016 election. Looking at his photogenic wife and children, you would never think that they are still in the process of recovering from a family tragedy that affected them all for years.

In 2012, Cruz’s sister Miriam Cruz died of a drug overdose at the age of 49. This came after a lifetime of drug addiction that left the entire Cruz family scrambling to save her time and time again.

Miriam (pictured below in the purple with the Senator as a baby) was Cruz’s older half-sister, who was born during their father’s first marriage. Unfortunately, she was never able to get over her parents’ divorce.


In his book A Time For Truth, Cruz described her as ‘beautiful…quite intelligent and incredibly loving.”

“Though she was a sweet person with a good heart, she slowly surrendered to her wild side,” he added, saying that Miriam slowly turned to a life of drug addiction. “I found it hard to reconcile the bright, fun, charismatic sister I adored with the person who would lie to me without hesitation and who stole money from her teenage brother to feed her various addictions.”

Though Cruz didn’t give a reason for Miriam’s alcohol and drug addictions, her ex-husband Larry Maykopet told Daily Mail what he believed the cause to be.

“She was in a car wreck and hurt her back. The doctor put her on prescription medication for the pain. It was just for a month but she got hooked,” he said. “They put her into rehab to try to get her off the medication but it didn’t work.”

Cruz, meanwhile, has accused Maykopet of being abusive towards his sister. They divorced in 1993, and Miriam continued on her descent into addiction. Over the next two decades, she would face multiple arrests for possession and shoplifting charges.

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Eventually, Miriam ended up living in a crackhouse, and Cruz and his father tracked her down there in a desperate attempt to save her.

“My dad flew from Texas to DC, and he and I together drove to Philadelphia…I remember my dad and me leaving our watches, rings, money and wallets in DC because we didn’t know if we’d be robbed or shot at the crack house where Miriam was living,” Cruz recalled.

Unfortunately, the interventions failed, and Miriam eventually died at a crack house of an overdose. Cruz later said that he found “great solace” in knowing that her only child, Joe, grew up into a “strong and responsible young man.”

Joe is now 30, and he credits Cruz with helping to pay for his education.

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