Police Officer Forces Muslim To Eat Pork – What Happens Next May Surprise You

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A police officer in Germany is under fire this week as he faces allegations that he forced a Muslim immigrant to eat raw pork.

It all started on March 29 of last year, when the cop came upon a 29 year-old Muslim man from Afghanistan who couldn’t provide his papers. He then shackled and detained the man, but that’s when things got ugly.

Prosecutors claim that the officer then abused the Muslim by forcing him to eat the raw pork off the floor. He then allegedly strangled him and stuck his fingers up his nose to prevent him from breathing. However, afterwards he sent film of the incident to his colleagues and bragged to them about the assault.

“It was funny … squealed like a pig,” the officer allegedly wrote to one coworker.

Months later, the cop targeted a 19 year-old Moroccan man who was caught on a train without a ticket and was later found to be carrying marijuana. The officer allegedly picked up minced pork, which had been rotting on the floor, and forced him to eat it.

The officer has since been suspended and an investigation has been launched into his actions. Human rights group Pro Asyl has condemned both incidents for their “appalling level of racism and inhumanity.” They have also demanded that authorities investigate how many “accomplices in police uniform” knew about the incidents before they were reported, which will undoubtedly start a witch hunt in the police department.

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