This Family Thought They Were Being Eaten Alive By Mosquitos, But Then They Took A Closer Look

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A family was vacationing near Walt Disney World in central Florida when their dream getaway turned into a nightmare.

Christina Streble and her family were enjoying their vacation until they started noticing bug bites all over their bodies. At first, they thought they were mosquitos, but when they kept popping up at an alarming rate, they knew it was something else.

“We counted 266 bites on my oldest daughter and 125 bites on my middle child,” Streble recounted, according to Mad World News. “They were red and inflamed.”

Realizing that something was wrong, the family went back to their room at the Oak Plantation Resort and pulled back their bed covers. That’s when they made a chilling discovery: bed bugs.


“The doctor that saw our daughters said that this was the worst case of bed bugs that he had ever seen,” said Streble. “This has been a nightmare.”

The Strebles were forced to end their vacation early and rush home to Louisville, Kentucky and sent their four children to their doctor there. They then filed a consumer complaint with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, but they haven’t asked for any compensation.

Grace Velez, a spokeswoman for the hotel, said that the bed bugs were only in that one room and that they were able to remove them.

“We are a 242-unit property,” she said. “Last weekend, we were at 96 percent occupancy, and this is the only complaint that came out of this resort, so we are a great family friendly resort with a great staff close to Disney, so please don’t let this scare you off.”

The resort said they plan to offer the Strebles a refund this week, but even so, we doubt they’ll be staying there again anytime soon.

“The kids have a hard time sleeping because they keep thinking something is crawling on them,” Streble lamented.

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