Rare Fish Found In US – What It Eats Will Make You NEVER Want To Swim Again

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A rare fish from Brazil was recently found in the U.S., and what it eats is sure to leave you terrified.

The pacu is a 10 inch long fish that looks pretty harmless – until you open it’s mouth. When you do that, it becomes clear that this deadly fish has human-like teeth.


And it only gets worse from there…

According to Daily Mail, the pacu likes to eat testicles, but not just any testicles: human testicles. In fact, the pacu recently killed two fishermen in New Guinea after castrating them.

The fish was just found in New Jersey by fisherman Ron Possi, who undoubtedly grabbed his crotch immediately after finding out what this fish can do.


I know I’m NEVER swimming again! How about you??

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