Doctors Never Expected to Find THIS Inside of Her During an Exam

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When a 22 year-old student in China went to the hospital complaining of stomach pains, doctors were never expecting to find this inside her…

The student came to doctors with a shocking story: she said she had been eating ice cream as she walked back to her dorm room when she accidentally swallowed the ice cream AND the spoon!

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The girl said she accidentally swallowed the spoon after a fellow student pushed her and she screamed. Because she felt no pain (just fullness), she decided not to go to the doctor. However, she later had second thoughts and headed off to her local hospital.

After giving the girl an x-ray, doctors were easily able to spot the spoon lodged in her stomach, and they ordered surgery immediately. According to Conservative Tribune, doctors used a catheter-like device with a small snare on the end of it for the risky operation. They threaded this into her stomach and removed it once the spoon was snared.

The entire procedure lasted ten minutes, and the girl suffered no complications afterwards.

We hope this girl is more careful with how she eats her food next time, because she clearly has a very big mouth!

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