Young Man Reveals Truth About Black America, ‘Starting To Piss Me Off’

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Lately, it seems like the liberal left has teamed up with the black community to make every white person in America look “racist.” They love to blame white people for every problem in the black community, and have created a sense of entitlement in the black community that knows no bounds.

Unfortunately for these people, a young black man recently came forward to reveal who is REALLY to blame for where black America is today. The unidentified man says that “black people are starting to piss me off,” and that if they want to get more out of life, they are going to need to start “bettering” themselves.

He says that the real problem in the black community is the young black men who do “everything in their power” to live the thug life. This man believes that these thugs make the whole black community look bad, and encourage black youths to also be “tough” and live the “thug life.”

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