Joel Osteen Just Made A Terrifying Announcement About Muslims

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Joel Osteen is known all over the country as a televangelist and author of self help books. However, what many may not know is that he is also the senior pastor at Houston’s Lakewood Church, which is the largest protestant church in America.

In a recent interview, Osteen spoke out to defend Muslims, saying that many of them attend his church and buy his books. This shows that Osteen doesn’t really preach Christianity, but a feel-good “religion” of self-improvement instead.

“I have Muslims that attend our church and my books sell a lot in Muslim countries as well,” Osteen said, according to Conservative Tribune. “You know, I don’t know, I don’t get too deep in those kinds of things, but our ministry is about reaching out to everybody, and so I do and I do have those conversations.”
“I had a whole group of probably about 50 Muslims here at the service about two weeks ago, sitting right on the front row,” the pastor continued. “They came, and we have good, good relations. And I think it’s again, part of our ministry is, you know, our main theme is Jesus says, ‘Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ And I don’t try to put people in a box — Okay, they’re Jewish or they’re Catholic, they’re this or they’re that. I just say, ‘You know what, they’re somebody that God’s put in our path for us to love,’ and that’s our philosophy.”

This supports comments Osteen made in the video above, when he refused admit that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation.

While evangelists are supposed to reach out to Muslims, Osteen seems to be a little too comfortable with them, considering the fact that they hate Christianity. Christians who attend Osteen’s church should be warned that he isn’t preaching Christianity: he’s preaching self-improvement. We have no problem with that, but we’d also rather spend our Sunday mornings with a REAL preacher!

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