Obama Announces Gag Order For ALL Americans

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With only two years left in office, Barack Obama is rapidly losing control.

We all know that Obama is obsessed with controlling everything we do, but this time he has gone too far. Now, he is trying to issue a gag order to stop Americans from ever discussing firearms online.

Though this clearly violates the first amendment right to free speech, Obama thinks he has found a loophole. According to Conservative Tribune, Obama and his minions are trying to revise the International Traffic in Arms Regulation and use it to stop Americans from talking about guns.

If you think ITAR shouldn’t apply to Americans due to the word “international,” you’re wrong! At least, in Obama’s America that is… His State Department is clarifying the rules of ITAR to say that since website communications can be seen by individuals in any country, the information will therein be considered exported, meaning it will fall under ITAR.

This would mean that one would need permission from the government before communicating about guns in any way over the internet. Those who violate this new rule will face $1 million in fines and be jailed for up to 20 years.

In addition, each “illegal” website would be considered a separate violation, so if you talk about guns on more than one site, you will be sentenced for each one individually.

Obama has finally gone way too far. We can only stopped that he is stopped before he destroys the U.S. constitution forever.

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