Obama Makes Major Change To US Terror Policy – Puts Us All In Danger

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Obama has just made a huge change to the U.S. terrorist policy that is sure to make life a whole lot easier for the terrorists themselves.

According to WND, Obama has just announced that the U.S. government will allow the families of those who have been kidnapped by terrorist groups to both communicate with and pay ransom to the kidnappers. In essence, they will be allowed to negotiate with terrorists.

“Many of the families told us they felt like an after-thought or a distraction,” Obama said. “That ends today. These families are to be treated like what they are, our trusted partners and our active partners.”

‘[We’re] making it clear our top priority is the safe return of hostages,” he continued. “We are reaffirming the U.S. government will not make concessions, such as paying ransoms, to terror groups holding hostages … [which] risks endangering more Americans. At the same time, we are clarifying our policy does not prevent communication with our hostage takers.”

While this does not technically change the United States stance against negotiating with terrorists, it basically does. Whenever a family is contacted with demands by a terrorist group, their first move is almost always to contact the government. Therefore, the government will definitely be involved in these negotiations with terrorist groups.

Obama also announced plans to develop a new hostage response group that will try to take a “collaborative and cooperative approach” in dealing with terrorist groups who take Americans hostage.

This is basically giving terrorists exactly what they want, as well as giving them more incentive to kidnap Americans. Now, they know that if they get their hands on an American, they will also get direct contact with our government, giving them even more ways to create chaos.

Prior to this announcement, it was technically illegal for families of hostages to pay ransom to terrorist groups. However, according to Conservative Tribune, the government would often look the other way in these cases and tolerate the practice. Knowing this, Obama’s latest announcement really only benefitted the terrorist groups who are trying to take this country down.

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