Obama Spends $866,615.40 In Tax Dollars On ‘Fantasy’ Florida Vacation

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Back in April, Obama decided to head to Florida so that he could give a speech at the Everglades for Earth Day.

While liberals everywhere celebrated this move in honor of what can only be described as a leftist holiday, they may be singing a different tune now after it was revealed how much Obama spent just to get there…

According to the Washington Examiner, Obama spent $866,615.40 on his Air Force One flight alone. Of course, Obama didn’t spend any of his own money on this, he spent ours instead!

Documents reveal that $866,615.40 was spent on the 4.2 hour flight to Miami and back. Once there, Obama was helicoptered 20 minutes to the Everglades, which undoubtedly cost us even more money.

The documents did not include the costs of security, communications and staff, but these undoubtedly brought it over $1 million.

Obama clearly travelled to the state, which boasts two GOP candidates, to slam Republicans and further his own climate change agenda.

“Climate change can no longer be denied,” Obama said in his speech. “It can’t be edited out. It can’t be omitted from the conversation. And action can no longer be delayed.”

Judicial Watch reported that these documents reveal that an hour of flight time on Air Force One costs a whopping $206,377 for American taxpayers. This is terrifying, considering how much Obama has travelled since taking office…

“The irony of using Air Force One for an unnecessary jaunt to discuss global warming aside, these documents show that taxpayers are being gouged for President Obama’s abuse of the perks of office,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Taxpayers should not be forced to foot the bill for his continual savaging of political opponents.”

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