Outrage After These Items Are Sold At ‘Sex Offender Garage Sale’

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The Apopka, Florida community is outraged this week after it was discovered that a variety of children’s toys were being sold at a local sex offender rehabilitation facility.

The Lighthouse Mission is a sex offender rehab facility that houses around 30 sex offenders, and they recently hosted a garage sale. There, the public was shocked to find various items for sale that are perfect for luring in children. These included stuffed animals, baby toys, Legos, as well as other toys.

Crimes committed by the sex offenders in the facility include possession and distribution of child pornography, sexual assault, and molestation. While the facility says they will not be giving another garage sale for quite some time, since they aren’t allowed to give more than two per year. However, the Lighthouse Mission is due to host another sale around Christmastime, which has left residents on edge.

Gloria Hoffpauir, who helps run The Lighthouse Mission, doesn’t seem to care that local residents are uncomfortable with her presence. When asked why she doesn’t mark the garage sale to let shoppers know that they are entering an area of sex offenders, “Why should it? I don’t have it in front of my house that I’m on disability.”

Um…We’re pretty sure that being on disability is a bit different than being a violent sex offender… That’s why those who commit violent sex crimes are indeed forced to identify themselves for life, and people who are on disability aren’t.

“Kids don’t come up here by themselves,” Hoffpauir argued asked about the garage sale. “Their parents are with them.”

This is little comfort to the local residents, who want to make sure their children don’t get hurt.

“I just don’t want kids to be around violators,” explained Stephen Vasquez, a member of the community.

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