Hillary Arrives in Ferguson Via Private Jet – But Watch What Happens Right After She Lands

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Hillary Clinton loves to act like she’s a down-to-Earth “woman of the people.” However, her behavior often shows that she is anything but this.

On Tuesday, Hillary was caught arriving in Ferguson, Missouri, on a private jet. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t quite get the warm reception she was expecting from the local black community.

“Where you been, Hillary?” asked Robert Nettles, a friend of Michael Brown’s. “It’s been ten months, girl!”

According to Daily Mail, Nettles added that it’s a “little late” for Hillary to be visiting, considering the fact that she ignored them ten months ago during the Michael Brown riots.

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Hillary arrived to St. Louis in style in her lavish private jet. This came in stark contrast to the boarded-up church in Ferguson, where she gave a speech less than two hours after her arrival.

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Just hours after her race-baiting speech to the poor, Hillary held court at a $2,700-per-person fundraising event. Hosted by an Anheuser-Busch heiress, the event was held at a wildlife preserve once owned by the family of President Ulysses S. Grant.

This shows just how fake Hillary Clinton is. She arrives to the city in an expensive private jet, gives a speech to the poor in the afternoon in which she talks down to them while also trying to act like she’s “one of them,” then at night she socializes with her rich and famous friends.

Luckily, the people of Ferguson appear to have seen through her. If she really cared about them, she would have flown there when they needed her: after Michael Brown’s death. Instead, she came when it best suited her own agenda.

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