ISIS Straps Bombs Onto Necks Of Prisoners – Blows Them Up

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ISIS has released a new seven minute video in which they show themselves executing hostages in uniquely sickening ways.

According to Daily Mail, the video depicts seven prisoners being led to a field, tied together by explosive necklaces around their necks. Seconds later, the necklaces are detonated, decapitating some of the men and causing fatal injuries to some of the others.

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The video, which is divided into three parts, opens with a group of prisoners in orange jumpsuits being led to a desert clearing before being locked in a car. An ISIS militant then grabs a grenade launcher and fires it at the vehicle, shooting it up into flames. Experts say the victims inside likely burned to death.

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The footage then cuts to interviews with the prisoners, who confess to their various “crimes.” Part two is the disturbing drowning segment, which shows five prisoners in a cage being lowered slowly into a swimming pool.


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Underwater cameras capture the desperation from the prisoners as they struggle beneath the water.

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After a few minutes, the cage is lifted from the water, and the men inside are shown lying motionless foaming at the mouth.

This is just the latest in a long line of execution videos from the brutal terrorist group. We can only hope that ISIS is stopped from continuing to kill their hostages in such brutal, sickening ways.

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