GRAPHIC: Muslim Thugs Brutally Beat 12 Year-Old For Being White, Then This Happens

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The United Kingdom is in the midst of a crisis, as so many Muslims have emigrated there from the Middle East that they are now taking over as the majority of the country.

Last week, David Cameron was forced to make a major move against Muslims in order to keep female genital mutilation out of the U.K. Clearly, this made many Muslims angry, and they are retaliating in a very violent way.

Disturbing video footage shows three Muslim teens attack a 12 year-old British boy just for being white. The little boy can be heard screaming and begging for help as the teens brutally beat him.

At one point, the victim is able to escape and run through a garden to bang on the window of a home for help, but his attackers catch up to him and knock him to the ground again with a single punch.

According to Daily Mail, three 13 year-old boys have been arrested in connection to this incident. This can partly be attributed to the video going viral so quickly, with it getting over 200,000 views in just four hours before it was taken down from Facebook.

“I would like to thank the public for bringing this incident to our attention, and would like to reassure them that any similar reports will be dealt with positively,” said Detective Chief Inspector Terry Long, of Bradford District Police in Yorkshire.

The police added that the victim in this video is now safe and well, and is home recovering with his family.

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