These Thugs Brutally Beat A WWII Purple Heart Veteran, But Then They Got Some Instant Karma

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Two thugs have each been sentenced to twenty years in prison after they brutally beat a 94 year-old World War II veteran who is also a Purple Heart recipient.

Seventy years ago, Indiana-native Hershel “Bud” Moore fought for our country in World War II, where he was shot in both kneecaps and taken as a prisoner of war. He had more than earned the right to live out his old age in peace, but this was shattered when Justin Lawson, 27, and Joeseph Lowe, 26, broke into his home and beat him for hours before robbing him.


After the attack was over, however, Moore refused to go to the hospital, saying that he would not be forced from his home by two pathetic punks.

“That’s what I went to war for in World War II — to protect what rights we have, and I got banged up a bit in World War II. I’ve recovered from that,” the veteran said, according to Conservative Tribune. “I guess it takes more than a war to keep a good man down.”

Moore then gave credit to God for protecting him from death throughout his life.

“I think the man upstairs was on my side. I think he has been more than once in my life. If he hadn’t have been, I wouldn’t be sitting here today,” Moore explained.


In addition to their prison sentence, Lawson and Lowe will both have three years of work release and two years of house arrest. They will also have to pay Moore restitution for the valuables they stole.

While it’s sickening that an elderly veteran was treated this way, we applaud Moore for not letting those two losers get the best of him. He had already survived the Nazis, so a couple of cowardly thugs were nothing to him!

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