Marijuana Grower Shoots SWAT Cop – What Happens Next Is Even Worse

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On December 19th, 2013, a SWAT team barged into the Texas home of marijuana grower Henry Goedrich Magee. Hearing the banging, Magee grabbed his gun and opened fire, killing one of the officers.

Miraculously, a court has just ruled in favor of this drug dealer, determining that he should not be charged for Burleson County Sgt. Adam Sowders, who raided Magee’s home as part of a search warrant. Dick DeGuerin, Magee’s lawyer, argued that his client thought he was being robbed when he grabbed his gun to protect his home.

“This was a terrible tragedy that a deputy sheriff was killed, but Hank Magee believed that he and his pregnant girlfriend were being robbed,” DeGuerin explained, according to Counter Current News. “He did what a lot of people would have done. He defended himself and his girlfriend and his home.”

Julie Renken, the local district attorney, explained that the court made their decision because the whole thing happened “in a matter of seconds amongst chaos.”


“I believe the evidence also shows that an announcement was made,” she added. “However, there is not enough evidence that Mr. Magee knew that day that Peace Officers were entering his home.”

Police entered Magee’s home on a search warrant looking for marijuana and illegal firearms. While they didn’t find any weapons, they did find quite a bit of marijuana. Magee has since been indicted for indict for possession of marijuana while in possession of a deadly weapon, a third-degree felony.

While we certainly support Americans defending their homes from intruders, we also think the officer killed in this case deserves justice too. This comes at a very difficult time for police officers, as even President Obama himself has turned his back on them.

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