This Patriotic Biker Club Is Sticking It To Muslims By Doing This Over Ramadan

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Ramadan is just kicking off, and patriotic biker gang in Colorado are holding a little celebration of their own for it that is making Muslims everywhere livid.

During the holiday, Muslims fast and then feast as they thrust their belief system upon the western world. To fight this, the Colorado Spring Infidel Biker Club posted flyers advertising a pig roast and barbecue all over their city. The flyers prominently feature both patriotic and anti-Islamic symbols, and describe the event as being held “in defiance of the Islamic holiday of Ramadan.”


One flyer called for veterans and bikers alike to celebrate freedom and democracy, as well as other things that “offend” Muslims. Liberals, however, are outraged, saying that the flyers “antagonize Muslims.” They seem to be forgetting about a little right we have here in America called free speech…

A main argument against the flyers is that they promote the stereotype that “Muslims are pedophiles.” However, they simply give a historically aspect image of the Prophet Muhammad, who married a six year-old girl and had sex with her when she was nine.

Jacqueline Kirby, a spokesman for the U.S. Army, spoke out to slam American veterans for hosting the event. However, she also pointed out that they completely had the right to do this.

“They are a veteran group and their flyer is a little bit antagonistic but again they have the right to protest anything that they want to and that’s one of the benefits of being an American,” she said.


Obama’s Department of Justice also released a statement saying that they are “well-aware” of this event and will be monitoring it closely, showing once again that they are more concerned with law-abiding American citizens than they are with mosques that produce terrorists.

“Fort Carson is investigating the posting of fliers at a single location on post about the Infidels MC club and cannot discuss any specifics in regards to the investigation,” post officials said Friday. “These types of fliers are contrary to our Army values and beliefs in dignity and respect for all.”

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