These Muslims Thought They Were Eating Beef – Boy, Were They Wrong!

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For years, Egyptian shoppers believed they were buying beef from their local market. Recently, however, it was revealed that they had actually been buying pork, and they were NOT happy about it.

The northern African country is majority Muslim, and pork is banned under Islamic law. Followers of Islam are never permitted to eat pork-related products of any kind, so when all these Muslims found out they had unwittingly been eating pork for years, they were outraged.

It all started when the Egyptian media covered a government raid on a donkey farm that was raising around 1,500 donkeys. The owner claimed that these donkeys were being used to feed the National Circus’ lions and tiger, but in reality they were being used to feed the greater Egyptian population of humans.

According to Conservative Tribune, Islamic law bans eating donkey meat just like it bans eating pork, so millions of Muslims have unknowingly defied the rules of Allah.

Government officials have since launched a massive investigation into this case to make sure that grocery stores are serving meat prepared in licensed butcheries. Hussein Mansour, Head of Egyptian Food Safety Authority, tried to downplay the scandal by telling the public that this wasn’t that bad because they have also probably been eating dog meat unknowingly for years as well.

Yeah, I’m sure that makes Egyptians feel much better…

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Stories like this make us thankful that we live in a country with strict food regulations. If I go to the store to get some hamburger meat, I don’t need to worry about unknowingly eating a dog. God bless America!

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