Sheriff Joe Puts Flags In Every Jail Cell, And If Thugs Mess With It He Does THIS


June 19, 2015 7:48am PST

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has become famous for being unapologetically pro-American, and he’s not afraid to say it! Liberals hate the sheriff because of how much he loves this country, but conservatives have celebrated him for being unafraid to challenge Democrats at every turn.

Arpaio rose to fame when he publicly challenged President Obama’s birth certificate, but now he’s back in the news for the unique way that he is showing his love for America.

According to Conservative Tribune, Sheriff Joe ordered that a small American flag be placed in every jail cell in his county in honor of Flag Day. The patriotic sheriff said that any inmate who messed with the flag in any way would be put on a diet of bread and water as a punishment, as this is the typical consequence for destroying government property.

On top of this, Sheriff Joe has had “God Bless America” and the national anthem played on the prison loudspeakers every morning, and he encourages the prisoners to sing along.

Arpaio also made sure to honor the veterans who had found themselves in his prison system. He broke his infamous vegetarian meal plan for veterans on Flag Day by allowing them to eat hot dogs, beans and corn. He has grouped all the veteran prisoners in one area of the jail, a system which he says has worked out well for him.

“We have 180 inmates that are veterans, so I placed the veterans into their own area. They painted all the branches of the services on the walls, red, white, and blue,” Arpaio explained. “And it is interesting to note that I haven’t had any problems, assaults or anything else, in that area. My theory is we’ve had some sergeants there and they kind of, in their own way, helped me because they can supervise the other inmates that were privates, etc.”

Liberals would argue that inmates have the right to disrespect the American flag if they choose to, but Arpaio isn’t having any of this. He wants to teach his prisoners to love and respect this country, so that when they are finally set free, they will be less likely to do anything to hurt it.

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