Charles Manson’s Fiancé Caught Cheating On Him With His Best Friend

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A few months ago, we reported that infamous serial killer Charles Manson was planning to marry 26 year-old Afton ‘Star’ Burton. Now, it has been revealed that Star has been  caught cheating on Manson with his longtime disciple, Craig Carlisle “Gray Wolf” Hammond.

According to Daily Mail, Star has been getting worryingly close to the mysterious Gray Wolf, 65. She recently skipped a Saturday visiting session with Manson, 80, to head to the Paso Robles 2015 Rock and Gem Show with Hammond, who bares a striking resemblance to the convicted killer.


“They appeared very close, leaning in together to look at certain rocks and minerals and sharing jokes,” said a source inside the showcase. “They were both completely engrossed in what was on display and stood examining stones for up to twenty minutes each.”

The pair spent three hours exploring the gems, and appeared to be carefree until they were approached by reporters and asked about the status of Star’s marriage to Manson. At that point, Hammond became aggressive and physically threatening, and Star screamed “You owe us five hundred [dollars],” likely referring to an imagined interview fee.


Sources say that Hammond, who was given the nickname “Gray Wolf” by Manson, visits Star every day and that he appears to act as her personal chauffeur.

“He’s so much older than her, but they seem to get on well, they’re always together,” the source said. “She seems like a nice girl, quiet, I don’t think anyone around here has any complaints about her and she keeps herself to herself.”


Though Hammond claims he has only been a Manson follower for ten years, newspaper reports link him to the “Manson family” as far back as 1970. Now, his only access to Manson is through Star, who obtained a marriage license with the killer last year. However, the license expired in February, and at the time their marriage status appeared up in the air.

“Charlie and Star were not able to complete their wedding ceremony due to an unexpected interruption in logistics,” read a statement on Star’s website. “They plan on renewing the license, and things will move forward in the coming months.”


Something tells us Manson won’t be happy about his precious fiancé fraternizing with his best friend like this…

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