Holocaust Survivor Compares Obama To Hitler – Gives Americans This Advice To Survive His Reign

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Barack Obama is NOT going to like this…

Kitty Werthmann is an 84 year-old woman who has seen quite a lot in her lifetime. As someone who survived Adolph Hitler’s brutal Nazi regime in Europe, Werthmann knows a thing or two about what evil is. Today, she travels across the U.S. trying to warn America that there is a new Hitler in power, and his name is Obama.

In a recent speech, Werthmann drew a series of comparisons between Obama’s plans for America and Hitler’s regime. She pointed out that the Nazis’ rise to power was not that different than that of Obama. Werthmann also said that Obama and Hitler had similar views on gun confiscation and control, increases in government spending, astronomical tax rates and increased government regulation that forced small businesses to shut down.

After telling her audience that Hitler disarmed law-abiding citizens under his regime, she warned them to “keep your guns and buy more guns.” She added that Hitler’s health care incentives were very similar to those of Obamacare.

“After Hitler, health care was socialized, free for everyone,” she said. She explained that because health care was free, doctors and hospitals became swamped with patients, and fell so far behind that surgeries often took years to be completed.

Like Obama, Hitler was a huge fan of abortion. Hitler was trying to create a race full of blonde haired, blue eyed children, and he encouraged women to abort any child who did not fit this criteria.

She added that when Hitler came to power, the number of benefits and welfare available to families increased dramatically. All of a sudden, everyone was entitled to free healthcare, food stamps and heavily subsidized college educations.

This sounds just like what happened when Obama came to power…

The Nazis quickly learned that they needed money to pay for all this “free” stuff, so they imposed taxes on up to 80% of their people’s income. While our taxes aren’t quite that high yet, we’re getting there…

Werthmann already saw this happen once, and she doesn’t want to see it happen again. Having survived Hitler, she wants to make sure that we as a country survive Obama as well.

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