When He Saw Strange Lights In A Cemetery, He Never Expected Them To Be This…

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A newspaper delivery man was driving late at night in Sarasota, Florida last week when he noticed some mysterious lights coming from a cemetery he drove by every day.

When the man pulled over to investigate, he had no idea that he was in for the shock of his life.

The man whipped out his phone and noted that he saw what appeared to be “a bald person standing on a porch in some kind of a light.” The only problem with this theory is that there were no buildings in sight, so where was this mysterious light coming from?

Unfortunately, the video is so shaky that it’s hard to get a glimpse of what exactly is going on. However, the man is convinced that he saw some kind of extraterrestrial creature.

When he went to make a quick delivery and returned to the cemetery, the lights suddenly disappeared. Terrified, the man rushed home and filed a case with MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network that investigates possible alien sightings.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, Florida residents file around 5,000 UFO reports every year.

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