17 States Are Suing Barack Obama – This One Is Leading The Charge

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For six years now, Obama has been defying the constitution to make his own insane laws. Americans everywhere are sick of it, and after Obama announced to grant executive amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants, 17 states took action.

The 17 states have filed a lawsuit against Obama, and the state of Texas is leading the charge against him. Governor Greg Abbott has promised to challenge this “presidential fiat” and put the issue of illegal immigration back in the hands of congress, where it belongs.

Texas is joined in the lawsuit by other southern or midwestern states like Alabama, Georgia, Idaho and Indiana. The lawsuit raises three main accusations of Obama:

  1. Obama violated the “Take Care Clause” of the constitution, which limits presidential power.
  2. Obama’s federal government violated various rulemaking procedures.
  3. Obama’s amnesty executive order will “exacerbate the humanitarian crisis along the southern border, which will affect increased state investment in law enforcement, health care and education.”

This is the 31st time the Texas attorney general has brought legal action against the federal government since Obama took office. Both Abbott and former governor Rick Perry have said that Obama’s executive order promotes a culture of lawlessness in America.

“In effect, his action placed a neon sign on our border, assuring people that they could ignore the law of the United States,” said Perry.

We can only hope that this lawsuit is successful.

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