Thugs Harass Female Cop In Walmart For ‘Mike Brown’ – She Gives This Epic Response

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A new video shows three young thugs shopping at a Florida Walmart try to get justice for Michael Brown by using a mobility cart, despite the fact that they are all healthy, able-bodied young men.

When the young punks were confronted by a female police officer, they tried to mouth off to her, but it didn’t end well for them.

The video opens with the female cop telling the young men to leave the store for an unknown reason. While the website that posted the video claimed they were being forced to leave because of “slow shopping,” this seems unlikely. Instead, they were probably told to leave because they were driving around in a mobility cart with just a single bag of Doritos in it when they could easily be walking.

“Leave the Walmart now!” the officer told the shoppers, who appeared to be unfazed by her orders.

“I can shop all day,” the man said. “What, can’t I shop?”

“You cannot shop,” the officer responded. “I’m telling you to get your a** up off that cart and get out of the store.”

“She’s cussing at us,” one of the young men whined.

“Because I’m speaking f***ing English and the fact that you don’t understand me,” the officer replied.

“B*tch, you talking crazy,” the young man responded.

Two of the thugs eventually started to leave the store, but the punk in the mobility cart refused to get up.

“Everything (is) on camera, I ain’t doing nothing wrong,” he said, leaving the officer no choice but to arrest him.

Seeing their friend being handcuffed, the other two punks began yelling “Let’s use Mike Brown! Let’s use Mike Brown!”

“Using” Mike Brown did their friend little good, however, and he was still arrested.

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