British Prime Minister Makes Major Move Against Muslims After Islam Takes Over UK

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Over the last few years, Islamic practices have surged in the U.K. after millions of Muslims fled there from the Middle East.

At first, the British public welcomed the Muslims with open arms, but then it became clear that the Islamists had every intention of taking over the European nation and enforcing Shariah law there. Now, Prime Minister David Cameron has made a major move against Muslims in Britain that may just give them the wake up call they need to back off.

Last week, Cameron launched a campaign to allow “local authorities, social workers or police to apply directly to courts” if they suspect a Muslim is about to take a girl abroad for female genital mutilation. The suspect would then immediately have to surrender their passport or face up to five years in jail.

Cameron made this move after it was revealed that 578 girls in England had been treated for FGM in March alone. Making matters even worse, 60 of these girls were underage. Reports say that the girls were being taken to Muslim countries for FGM in order to reduce their libido to make it more likely that they would be virgins when they married.

The World Health Organization estimates that 100-140 million women around the world have undergone FGM, which is yet another practice used to control women in Muslim nations.

While FGM has been banned in Britain since 1985, there has “still been no successful prosecution” of any Muslim perpetrators.

“The message needs to be given through prosecutions that this is not acceptable,” Cameron said, adding that FGM is a “a cruel and barbaric practice” that must be stopped immediately.

“These new orders will help in the fight against this horrific abuse,” he told reporters.

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