He Saw A Pervert Taking Pictures Of His Wife, So He Did THIS For Revenge

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A few weeks ago, a man was arrested at a Virginia Walmart after he was caught taking pictures up women’s skirts by one of his victim’s husbands.

John Wiggins, 55, was caught in the act when the husband snapped a photo of him bending over to snap an upskirt shot. The victim recounted that Wiggins dropped a box of pasta to serve as a distraction, then took the photo when he bent over to pick it up.

“It started in the shampoo department and that’s when it happened the first time,” the woman told the press. “I just turned the aisle and he looked directly at me and I felt his guilt.”

After she figured out what he was up to, the woman instructed her husband to follow Wiggins around the store and catch him in the act.

“I definitely haven’t worn a dress out shopping,” the victim added. “And I don’t know when I’ll do that again.”

Wiggins was arrested a week later and charged with two misdemeanors for his crime. It has since been discovered that he worked as a teacher’s aide at Clover Hill High School. After hearing what he did, parents petitioned that he should be let go from the school, and this week they announced that he had indeed been fired.

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