Veteran Catches Race Rioters Disgracing The Flag, So He Does THIS

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This past Sunday was Flag Day, which is an annual celebration in which Americans everywhere are meant to give thanks to our flag and everything it means to this country.

Unsurprisingly, race rioters decided to use this holiday to stomp on the American flag in a flagrant display of disrespect.

“Black Lives Matters” protesters held a riot in St. Louis this weekend in which they threw the American flag on the ground and stomped on it as they shouted “F*** this flag!” One protester even put a cigarette out on the tarnished flag.

Seeing this, one veteran had had enough, and he approached the disrespectful protesters.

“I had a lot of friends who died for that,” he told the protesters. The rioters, however, didn’t care and continued stomping and shouting. When the veteran asked them what they were protesting, the ignorant thugs couldn’t even give him a response.

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