60 Year-Old Retired Marine Defies Muslims In Epic Way

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Jerry DeLemus is a 60-year-old marine veteran from Rochester, N.H who spent most of his life fighting for our country. Now, he’s fighting for Americans everywhere by organizing a “Draw Muhammad” contest of his own in his home state.

While liberals see these contests as “closed-minded,” DeLemus says that he is expressing his freedom of speech by defying the Islamic code.

“If we back away from our freedom as citizens a little bit at a time, the next thing you know, we don’t have any freedoms left,” DeLemus told the Associated Press, according to Conservative Tribune. “My purpose is just to shine a light on what’s really going on in our country, and how we as a country are willing to give up our rights of expression when someone threatens to kill us, and how wrong that really is.”

While New Hampshire is known for it’s “Live Free or Die” motto, many residents don’t like DeLemus’s idea.

“I don’t understand the point of inciting violence, it’s just going to cause more problems,” said New Hampshire resident Eric Adema, who seems to be forgetting that it’s radical Muslims who are causing the violence in the first place.

Others, however, have spoken out in support of DeLemus. Pamela Gellar, who organized the infamous “Draw Muhammad” contest in Texas, has applauded his idea.

“I am glad to see other Americans organizing these events,” Geller said. “Millions of Americans will not relinquish our freedoms to devout savages. I stand with them and for them.”

Despite the threat of violent backlash, DeLemus says he isn’t afraid of violent Muslims who may be angered by his event.

“If they want to bully me, well, that will be their choice at that point,” DeLemus said. “I certainly hope they don’t. I hope it goes completely peaceful. It will be as safe as we possibly can make it. I would hope the only thing that will happen will be a paper cut.”

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