Democrats Launch Plan To Get ‘Four More Years’ Of Obama

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Conservatives everywhere are counting down the days until Obama leaves office at the end of 2016. However, if these Democrats get their way, Obama isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…

Last Thursday, Obama made a surprise appearance at the Congressional baseball game at the Nationals Stadium. This yearly event pits the Democrats and Republicans of congress against each other, and it has been won by the liberal team for the last year. This year, the outcome was the same, but one thing about the game was very different: the president was there.

Obama is known for his disdain at interacting with congress at all, so his last-minute appearance at the game came as a huge surprise. As he chatted with Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, a crowd of liberals erupted into a single cheer. “Four more years, four more years,” they shouted, as Obama beamed on the field.

These cheers have raised suspicions due to how odd it is. Why would they be chanting for more years if Obama really has no chance of remaining in office? Could it be that Obama was appearing at the game as part of his agenda to find a way to stay in office for a third term?

This suspicious incident comes just weeks after Dr. Ben Carson told Fox News that he had heard rumblings that Obama was planning to suspend the 2016 election. Carson went so far as to say that he wouldn’t be surprised at all if the election didn’t happen and Obama remained in office.

It may seem crazy that Obama could find a way to stay in office for another term, but remember who we are dealing with here. Obama has completely brainwashed millions of Americans and made them his minions. In the end, he is a sick man who is capable of anything, and if we don’t get him out of office in 2016, there’s no telling what he’ll do next.

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