This 18 Year-Old Girl May Look Innocent, But What She Was Just Arrested For Stunned Even The Police

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This girl may have the face of an angel, but don’t let that fool you: police say this Kansas City native is a violent criminal who is capable of almost anything.

18 year-old Courtney Lynn Daniels lured a man to her home through Facebook, and things quickly took a dangerous turn. The man arrived at her house last Saturday with the intention of taking her to breakfast, and when he arrived, she invited him in through the basement door.

As soon as he walked inside, two armed men wearing bandanas beat him senseless. Then, holding him hostage, they demanded his money, credit cards, car keys, and cellphone. After he gave them everything he had, the men tied his hands with zip ties and threw him in the back of his car.

“Hope you can swim, we are going to take you to the woods and kill you,” they told him.

As they drove, the blindfolded victim could hear Daniels’ voice in the car with him. Luckily, he was able to escape from the moving car as his captors continued to drive.

He immediately went to police, and they tracked Daniels down and arrested her. She is currently being held on $50,000 bond and she faces charges including robbery, kidnapping, and two armed criminal action charges.


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