This Tattooed, Topless Model Is About To Become A Princess

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The country of Sweden is preparing for a royal wedding tomorrow as their Prince Carl-Philip, 36, finally takes a bride. However, new details have come to light about his wife-to-be that have made this wedding much more controversial than the average royal union.


Carl-Philip will be marrying Sophia Hellqvist, 30, who he has been dating for the last five years. While Carl-Philip has made headlines in the past for his wild past, it is now Sophia’s history that everyone is talking about.

Born to a Danish father and Swedish mother, Sophia had a happy, middle class childhood until went to study in New York at age 18. There, she studied business and accounting before returning to Sweden to study at the University of Stockholm. Then, things got interesting.


Needing money for her education, Sophia became a waitress. When that wasn’t paying for bills, she began modeling and had her first photo shoot at the age of 20. This shoot found Sophia posing topless in camouflage bikini bottoms as she held a snake to cover her breasts.


These images were published in the sleazy Slitz Magazine, and they became so popular that Sophia was crowned Miss Slitz in 2004.


A year later, Sophia appeared on the trashy reality show Paradise Hotel, where she infamously shared a kiss with porn star Jenna Jameson. She was also filmed relaxing topless with a male contestant as he massaged her backside.


Unsurprisingly, when Carl-Phillip began meeting her in 2010 after meeting her at a nightclub, the royal family was immediately “put on the defensive.” Queen Silvia is said to have been particularly displeased with the prince’s choice of a girlfriend.

In the last five years, however, Sophia has worked hard to change her public image and has become a symbol of class and elegance. Clearly, her work has paid off, and her racy antics are now a thing of the past as she will take her royal title this weekend!

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