Huckabee’s Co-Author Caught Up In Child Molestation Scandal

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Just a week after 2016 presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee defended the Duggar family in the wake of their sexual abuse scandal, the candidate has been linked to yet another child molestation case.

According to Daily Mail, Huckabee’s co-author for his 2009 book Do The Right Thing, was just revealed to have been found guilty by police of molesting an 11 year-old girl for three years. John Perry, who also co-wrote the hit movie The Vow, was never prosecuted, however, because the statute of limitations had ran out by the time he was caught.

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On Thursday, Perry told Daily Mail Online that “the parties involved were reconciled and restored years ago,” and that the investigation was prompted by someone who had a “vendetta” against his church.

Documents reveal that police in Nashville, Tennessee investigated Perry in 2012.

Though Perry’s specialty is co-writing autobiographical memoirs, he has also written many novels including Letters to God, which made it to number seven on the New York Times Bestseller List.

“In more than thirty published books, New York Times bestselling author, collaborator, and ghostwriter John Perry has achieved success writing biography, autobiography, true-life memoirs, and fiction,” Perry’s website states. “Clients of every age and walk of life have put their trust in him, from governors and college presidents to beauty queens and ordinary people with extraordinary stories of triumph.”

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Perry’s victim reportedly did not begin speaking out until 2007, by which time she was at least 18. Catherine Davis, a parishioner at Perry’s former church, Covenant Presbyterian Church, said in court documents that the girl had told her that she began telling friends and friends that year, but Davis herself was not told until 2012.

Records show that Perry resigned from his deaconate in 2008. In 2010, he was excommunicated from the church after “he confessed to committing heinous and repetitive sin […] and has not shown evidence of repentance.”

Perry was divorced around this time, and during the proceedings his wife claimed he “admitted sexual abuse” of a child.

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This is the last thing Huckabee needs, as he has already been receiving serious backlash for standing by the Duggar family in the wake of their crisis. Do you think Huckabee will be able to come back from being linked to yet another sex scandal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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