Obama Attempts Another Power Grab – Gets a Big Dose of Reality

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In his latest of many power grabs, Obama was trying to assert control over small waterways like streams and wetlands in the U.S. Unfortunately for him, he got a huge wake up call this week…

On Wednesday, a Senate committee overturned the Obama administration’s regulation to assert control over small waterways.

Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., sponsored the bill to repeal Obama’s precious Clean Water rule. This bill would also force the EPA to rewrite the rule in a way that is more acceptable to Republicans. According to Conservative Tribune, the bill was passed by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee by a vote of 11-9, right along party lines.

Republicans were angered by Obama’s Clean Water rule because they believed it would extend federal control over larges swaths of privately owned water and land. Essentially, this would give the EPA control over puddles, dry creek beds, man-made ponds and many agricultural features.

“This is legislation that will protect our nation’s navigable waterways and the streams and wetlands that help keep our navigable waters clean,” said Barasso, who went on to describe his bill as “bipartisan, pro-environmental protection, pro-small business legislation.”

Democrats like Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Ca.) are already whining about the bill, accusing it of trying to repeal the Clean Water Act. In reality, they’re just mad that Republicans are finally able to take a stand against Obama and his minions.

“Today, we’re considering legislation that would undermine one of our nation’s landmark laws, the Clean Water Act, and roll back protections for the American people and their drinking water,” Boxer lamented.

Take that, liberals!

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