The Car on the Right Wouldn’t Let The Car On The Left Merge, But What Happens Next…Wow

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A new viral video shows a road rage incident that occurred in Los Angeles on Monday, and it got ugly fast.

According to The Blaze, the altercation took place on Highland Avenue next to Hollywood High School, and it appears to have erupted over a lane dispute.

It all started when the driver in the in a Toyota Corolla with a Nevada plate, who is located on the right, wouldn’t the driver in the Toyota Avalon merge into his lane. When the latter vehicle kept trying to anyway, the driver on the right leaned out of his car and punched the passenger window of the Toyota Avalon.


After more stopping and starting, neither car was getting anywhere, so both drivers exited their vehicles. The Corolla driver, who is wearing a tie and slacks, then starts repeatedly punching the Avalon driver, knocking him to the ground. The fallen driver is very nearly hit by a passing vehicle once he goes down.


The Corolla driver punched him a few more times before jumping into his car and speeding away. Witnesses were able to write down his license plate, so it’s likely he will be caught soon by police.


“It’s typical to see somebody yell or honk, but rarely do both guys get out of the vehicle and throw down in the middle of the street,” the witness told KTLA. “For some people, it’s getting so old — the traffic in this town — that’s it’s flying into a whole other level.”

While police would like to find the man, no complaint has been filed by either party in this case.

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