Obama Admin. Offers Ridiculous Argument For Slave Reparations, ‘Would Close Wealth Gap’

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It was recently revealed that President Obama may be planning to push for slave reparations in 2016, which will be his final year in office.

In a sickening turn of events, Obama’s liberal minions are standing by this plan and are even justifying slave reparations with claims that they would actually help our country.

The Huffington Post, which worships the ground Obama walks on, ran a story this week in which they claimed slave reparations would “help close [the] wealth gap in America.”

“In this week’s guest blog, Michael Holzman provides additional thought suggesting the moral debt America owes to African Americans,” Eric Cooper wrote in the intro to the piece.

In the story, Holzman wrote that Circuit Court Appellate Judge Richard Posner said that the problem with slave reparation is that, “There is no way to determine that a given black American today is worse off by a specific, calculable sum of money (or monetized emotional harm) as a result of the conduct of one or more of the defendants.”

Holzman then offers some “solutions” to this:

One possibility would be to establish a Federal Black Housing Administration (FBHA) to guarantee mortgages for those able to establish they are descendants from enslaved Africans. The administrative regulations of the FBHA would support housing in resource-rich neighborhoods, with good schools and good transportation — circumstances proven to improve educational outcomes, even for black children living in poverty. The FHA has a history of supporting underserved populations — including veterans — through such incentives as low- to no-cash down-payments, relaxed qualifications to buy, and flexibility on closing costs and other features.

These programs lift families up and help them to create wealth. Mortgage guarantees for descendants of enslaved Africans fit that tradition.

Much has been written about the cost of reparations. Scenarios vary and estimates can rise to hundreds of trillions of dollars. We can, however, take Judge Posner’s advice and make a calculation. Considering the differences in value of home owned by whites and blacks, and the percentage of white and black families living in homes they own, we can estimate $1 trillion — or approximately $70,000 for every black household — is needed to close the housing wealth gap. This would meet the test of a quantifiable harm for the case for reparations.

In any event, there is little doubt that mortgage guarantees for African Americans would create better, stronger neighborhoods and ease the penalty for living in America while Black.

Sadly, it appears that liberals are actually taking this seriously, and are now urging Obama to move forward with his slavery reparation plans. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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