Two Muslim Suicide Bombers Get Into A Fight, But It Doesn’t End Well For Either of Them

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This may sound like a joke, but it’s actually a true story that occurred this past week.

Two Muslim suicide bombers were sitting on a park bench in Pakistan last Saturday when they got into a verbal disagreement. This quickly turned into a physical scuffle, which resulted in one of their improvised explosive devices being triggered prematurely, and they were both given a one way ticket to Allah.

After the explosion, the area was cordoned off and the bombers’ houses in Sargodha and Kushab, respectively, were raided by police, resulting in several of their accomplices being arrested.

Nobody aside from the two bombers were killed in the blast. Local police say that “divine intervention” might have played a role in keeping the men away from heavily populated areas when they exploded.

It’s considered wrong to celebrate death, but we’ve got to say these two terrorists deserved what they got!

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