Judge Gives Race-Baiting Baltimore Prosecutor Huge Dose Of Reality

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Two months ago, Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby made the controversial decision to file charges against all six of the officers who arrested Freddie Gray before he died in police custody.

Mosby had very little experience with criminal law before this case thrust her into the national spotlight, which might explain why she’s been so sloppy throughout this whole ordeal. Since the beginning, Mosby has been making a series of rookie mistakes that may result in the cops getting off completely, which would enrage her race baiting colleagues.

Recently, Mosby filed a “gag order” against the six cops involved in Gray’s death. The circuit court judge has now rejected this motion, mostly because Mosby filed the motion in the wrong court. The rookie prosecutor filed the motion with the circuit court on May 14, even though the case was still under the jurisdiction of the lower district court until May 21.

If Mosby was putting any real effort into this case, she would never have made this mistake. However, since the beginning she has been more focused on fraternizing with fellow race-baiters like Al Sharpton and doing media interviews instead of actually doing her job.

On Monday, Moseby was asked if she would be refiling the motion in the proper court, and her response was laughable.

“We’re not going to litigate this case in the media and discuss our trial strategy,” her spokewoman said, ignoring the fact that Moseby has been using the media to convict the six officers before their trial this entire time.

Her statement also gives no indication about what Moseby has planned, but we doubt this is any kind of “strategy” on her part. Instead, it’s clear that Moseby herself has no clue what she’s doing: she’s just “winging” this!

What are your thoughts on Marilyn Moseby, and the Baltimore case at this point? Let us know in the comments section!

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