Al Sharpton Asked This Pastor For Cash, But He Wasn’t Expecting To Get This Response…

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This past weekend, Rev. Al Sharpton headed to Hartford, Connecticut for an anti-violence rally. On Saturday, he spoke at Shiloh Baptist Church, and in a typical Sharpton move, he asked the members of the congregation to donate $100 or more to his National Action Network.

Pastor Marcus Mosiah Jarvis was not happy about Sharpton trying to solicit money from his congregation, and he wasn’t afraid to say it.

“How dare you ask the people of Hartford to give you their money!” the pastor yelled as Sharpton walked down the aisle of the church. “You’re nothing but a pimp!”

And Jarvis didn’t stop there. He then confronted Sharpton for using the anti-violence rally as a cover for “coming into a community where people are struggling for jobs, struggling for money, and demanding money to speak.”

“Don’t you come up in here asking us for money,” he concluded.

Stunned, Sharpton mumbled that he wanted the money so that he could build a memorial for victims of violence in Hartford, but Jarvis wasn’t buying it. The pastor later told the press that the people of Hartford do not need a memorial. Instead, they need “classes where people can come for credit repair, establishing credit, home ownership, creating a resume, how to look for a job, mock interviews.

“That’s how you empower people,” he told the press.

We applaud Jarvis for taking a stand and calling out Sharpton for his lying, race-baiting ways. Move on to the next city, Al, because Hartford doesn’t want you!

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