Fourth of July Cancelled to Appease Muslims

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The Obama Administration sent a loud and clear message to the American people when it cancelled the Fourth of July at one of our embassies as to “not offend” Muslims.

The U.S. embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia decided not to celebrate the Fourth out of respect for Muslims. Ambassador Robert O. Blake reportedly said that the holiday shouldn’t be celebrated since it occurs during Ramadan, a month-long Islamic celebration.

Muslims do not eat or drink anything during daylight during Ramadan.

The embassy’s decision to cancel the Fourth of July is odd. The American Thinker rightfully observed: “Officially, embassies are the national territory of the country being represented, not of the host country. So there is no need to accommodate local sensibilities in celebrating our most sacred national holiday.”

The embassy’s decision to cancel the holiday sends a loud and clear message to the people of the United States. Embassies represent our country, and the decisions they make reflect the greater intentions of the nation.

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